OFZ, since 1989 tradition and innovation.

For some years now, besides working on behalf of a third party, we have decided to introduce some machines created by us:

Moving milling machine for plating

UIt is used in the boiler works area; It removes inox steel to remove cladding from metal sheets. It fits any sheet directly on the item.

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Machine for processing stone

Multi-functions hydraulic machine: contour removal, polishing, drilling, curve cuts, mono-direction cuts without using profiles or fixed pistons. Complete with hydraulic power unit.

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Fighting chair

Chair in peralluman with footrests and seatback for fight fishing. The footrest is telescopic and can be pulled out through inox steel pipes.

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Stand up fishing

Equipment with the advantage of using the same base of the chair secured on any point of the boat, in order to switch quickly and easily from sitting on the fighting chair to standing up.

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